Deep underground metal detector (Germany)
Model:  AR-III 12m
TITLE:  Deep underground metal detector (Germany)
PRICE:   5000元
  PRODUCT Introduce

■ AR III 12 米 Introduction underground metal detector
AR III is the latest development in Germany positioning the metal detection equipment. Commonly used in archeology, to find gold and silver items, metal pipe positioning. It's search speed, search finished just 1-3 hours a football field. Probe, the first private power ring with the mineralization of the work of exclusion. Do not use the instrument response and mineral salts by the impact, and can identify different specific types of metal. The instrument is equipped with two waterproof exploration site, the conductance circle in the water body is used. The instrument has a probing depth of deep, accurate positioning features, easy to use, easy to carry

Welcome to Select AR-III ultra-deep metal detector positioning, it is the easiest, features one of the most comprehensive high-precision equipment. Commonly used terms of gold, silver, copper and other metal items to find, the positioning of the metal pipe, archeology, underwater exploration and so on. A position measurement, depth measurement, volume measurement, species identification and other functions. Host gold mixed with plastic shell, resistant to stamping, leather package, easy to carry, panels, solid structure, sound, light, electricity and full-function expression. Host-based full digital circuit long-life design, built-in computer micro-processing system, with low power consumption, the advantages of high operation speed. Built-in rechargeable high-power, high fax speakers, headphone jack, integrated all-metal plug-in charging output, LED indicator, level can be very intuitive pointer showing working state, the blue LED lights in the computer micro-processing system help of distance measurement error is only ± 2cm. This machine also has an excellent memory and can remember the state of the work environment, you can remember off the value of the target objects by comparing the exact distance measurement, body measurements and types of identification. So that hobbyists get more value in a short time the information is the first choice of professional equipment hobbyists!

Technical parameters:
Size: 198mm * 157mm * 62mm
Weight: 1100 grams (battery included)
Energy: 12v/2Ah
Operating time: the energy can work for 10 hours
Charging time: 3-4 hours fast charge
Host (Figure 1) the use of: the host of the electronic components in the rack in the quality and coordination, the host of the surface has four adjustment buttons. RESET button whenever the adjustment of other exploration site or change the location or an error signal, to be click this button to confirm. MOOD transferred to OFF, the machine shut down. Transferred to BATT, check the battery pack case, the first table displays the battery power supply situation, to tell you how much battery left in the battery.
Transferred to the ALLM, it detects any metal, will encounter the police.
Transferred to the DISC, it can identify different metals, for different metals, it is the head of the table pointer will point to different data.
FREQ frequency modulator
VOLUME to adjust the volume
When the DISC profile to capture the light of specific conductivity of the object, the light in the light just right, the pointer points to a specific location, the type of metal to know. Indicator and the pointer will continue to display the type of metal plate until the probe away from the metal top. The host is equipped with straps, to the people who hung on to operate, so do not hand the instrument was. The main function of conductance circle mineralization reaction and to exclude the interference of salts, especially for water and closed in closed environments such as caves. Exploring the disk of the radius of 45 cm, used to detect medium-size objects, for accurate medium-range search.
The exploration site is suitable to detect medium-size high-value treasure, such as gold ingots and other objects.
The exploration site when used in parallel with the ground and keep the 2-5 cm distance.
Regulating the exploration site is that he should remain with the ground 5 cm in height, regulate the press RESET button, press 3 seconds. The voltage is 250 volts, 220 volts can access to 260 volt power for the equipment charge.
Plugs used to access the host left, charge for equipment.
Plug the right to access the car's power to charge for the equipment.
The left jack as the plug used to connect the exploration site is also used to connect the charger plug, the right of the headphone jack is used to connect the plug.
Detection Method:
Before you dig treasures, the following points must be taken into account:
A frequency adjustment
2, the intensity of tone
3, the duration of the sound
4 offset indicator
5 conductivity data
In the detection, the sound changes in tone, is the first signal symbol of the presence of metal objects. Before the excavation, these factors must be taken into account, but also rely on personal experience. Detection, the issue of the stronger tone, the greater the volume of the object. Voice change and a pointer offset occur simultaneously, so that a better analysis and found objects. Pointer in the intensity and the offset to determine the size of the object well after the shape of the object may be able to know that through the understanding of objects and metal conductive type of recognition. If you want to identify the type of metal, we must select the DISC of the file, re-adjusted the frequency of the file, press the RESET button for 3 seconds, can detect the.
PULSE AR III with a metal identification function, and it is inserted inside the micro-processor can estimate the conductivity of metal, so it does not require rotation of the exploration site. This improvement on the improvement of its detection depth has a significant role.
In the detection, if the tone is weak, then it can be ignored. The conduction properties of metal was estimated, which requires detection of the metal if so, it will send high-intensity tone. Exploration site just as long as the location of buried treasure is in the top of the electrical conductivity will be stored and displayed in the table header.
We recommend that you detect when it first transferred to the ALLM this file, to hear the tone and stability, strength is strong enough, the DISC in its transferred to the file.
The exploration site to keep away from the ground in a high degree of stability, in the press RESET button for 2 seconds. Exploration site then removed, repeating the above action, until the sound reached the strongest when, DISC diode light the lamps, the first table will show the conductivity of metal. The metal conductive metal value of data direction instructions and to compare its main purpose is to determine the type of metal.
The instructions of the metal values is implied about the value of the metal, you can detect through your own experience to judge.
For example, a 10 cm x 10 cm iron, the value of data is 50. A piece of gold plate the same size, the value of the data is 40, if a piece of silver plate, then it shows the value in the header data is 30. Changes in shape and size of the object, the first table shows the value of the data will change. This will depend on your experience to determine the detection.
Note: To ensure the transmission of data displayed is correct, after every shift, had to press the RESET button.
Error signal recognition:
In the detection process, because the filter and regulator of the diversity, some of it will interfere with, will affect the instrument to determine the value of the metal.
1. In the magnetic oxides in the soil, it is shown in the table header will be wrong conductance.
2. A large block of iron may be mistaken for precious metals.
3. To determine the type of metal, then the size of the metal to reach 5 cm * 5 cm
4. If the composition of the two metals close to the case, there may be false positives
5. Also interfere with radio transmission equipment
6. Strong magnetic field, in particular, the antenna would interfere with the high volt equipment
First hint of change in sound metal objects exist.
The stronger the alarm sounds, indicating that the greater volume of buried objects.
The apparatus for searching within a large area, deep burial depth of the object.
If you want to search for large objects, it is necessary with large exploration site, to search for small objects, use small exploration site with the power of the size of the exploration site will automatically adjust the size of the change.
The instrument is equipped with a conductive micro-processors, such as iron, gold and silver, which can be identified, and the head of the table pointer to the data through different types of metal to tell people.
If the age-old buried objects, then, AR III probing depth of underground metal detector will be 80% of the increase.

Underwater, cave-specific probe depth: 12 meters (optional)

Underwater caves dedicated probe: design using the latest technology, high sensitivity, can detect the depth of 12 meters, diameter of 1.5 meters radius of the metal signal. Waterproof design, can be directly on the water, caves and other human can not be involved in the region. Simple, practical, search range, greatly reduce the workload, saving manpower and resources. Luoyang shovel cave exploration with great effect, allowing you to do more with less!

To reassure customers purchase, the company specializes in the field test site, and provide customer self-testing cave, satisfaction after the purchase, so you no worries!


5 metre'den fazlaya erisebilen Mekan derinlikli profesyonel Metal Detektör.

mikro islem idareli,Metal Cesit Göstergeli Altin Arayicilar icin PI-Cihazi!

Normal Detektörlere karsit cok istifadeli!

  • Çesitli metal tanimli darbe endüksiyon sistemi
  • Mineralli yer ve tuzlu sularda parasitsiz arama
  • Otomatik ayarli 5 cesit arama sondalari
  • Altin ve kiymetli madenlere karsi yüksek hassasiyet
  • Rahat arama ve kolay kullanim


6 Metreden Fazla Derine Ulasim Gücü: Darbe-endüksiyon tekniginde 6 metreden fazla Derinlikde büyük Objeleri bulmak sadece büyük Arama Sondasi (Arama Cercevesi) ile mümkün. Istikamet degistirebilen normal Detektörler buna karsit en fazla 2 metre derine erisebilir.


Büyük Arama Mekanlari: Arama Cercevesi (darbe-endüksiyon teknigi) ile genis Alanlari kolay ve hizli taramak mümkün.Misal: bir Futbol Alanini taramak icin 3-4 Saat yeterli. Istikamet degistirebilen normal Detektörler ile ama Haftalar gerekli olabilir.


Parazitsiz Tarama: Tuzlu Su,mineralli Toprak PULSE AR III icin Problem degil,cünkü Reset-Dügmesi (otomatik Yenilemek) yardimi ile yanlis tesbite süren cogu rahatsiz edici minarelli Taslarin tesirini izale ediyor. Ogu mineralli Topraklarda Metal özellikleri tasiyan Taslar bulunur, normal Detektörler bunlari Metal Objeler olarak tesbitler. PULSEAR III cogu Taslari neutralize edebilir (bui sayede tarama Gücü biraz azalir).


Orta ve büyük Objeler icin ayirdetme: PULSE AR III 5 x 5 cm büyüklükten itibaren Metal Objeleri taniyabiliyor (normal Hazine arama Cihazlari sadece kücük Metal Objeleri ayirtedebiliyor). Büyük derinde bulunan Metal Objeleri taniyabilmek icin Pratikte cok zaman kazanilabilir.


5 Çesit Arama Bobini İcin Otomatik Ayarlama: Optimal arama Derinligine erisebilmek icin Obje Büyüklügüne göre uyan arama Bobini takilmalidir. PULSE AR III 1200 - 1600 HZ arasi degisen arama Frekansi ile calisir,bu sayede cesitli arama Bobinleri ile problemsiz calisilabilir. PULSE AR III icin degisik arama Bobinleri kolayca elektronik Üniteye takilabilir,cünkü PULSE AR III ' da bulunan özel bir salter Bobin elektrigini kontrol ediyor ve otomatik olarak ona göre uygun arama Frekansini ayarliyor.

PULSE AR III büyük ve derinde bulunan Metal Objeleri aramak icin üretilmistir.Küflenmis Civiler ve Sise Kapaklari gibi kücük Parcalari bulmak istemeyen ve derinde bulunan büyük Metal Objeleri cabuk ve hizli bulabilmek icin Profesyonel Arayicilara cok uygun.

Cesitli arama Bobinleri PULSE AR III 'a kolayca ve baska ayarlar yapilmadan elektronik Ünite'ye takilabilir.Cünkü PULSE AR III ' da bulunan özel elektronik Ünite Bobin elektrigini kontrol ediyor ve otomatik olarak ona göre uygun cesitli Bobinleri ayarliyor.

Metal ayirtedebilmek icin PULSE AR III mikro isletmeci ile kullanilan iletkenlikle donatilmistir, Demir-Altin-Gümüs birbirinden ayirtedilebilir ve Göstergede gösterilir

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